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Forefront of Technology

"In our efforts to appeal to top talent in the advisory space, we market ourselves as a forward-thinking dealer with a strong emphasis on technology. We are well-known in the industry for having an advanced back-office that supports our advisors."

Nelson Cheng, B.A., Chief Executive Officer

Auto Rebalance

Our custom Auto Rebalance feature allows you to automatically rebalance your client's portfolio across multiple fund companies quarterly, semi-annually or annually without having to re-enter the trades. Simply complete the Auto Rebalance Form with your client and submit. Your client's portfolio will now be automatically rebalanced whenever any of your triggers have been met. We have pioneered this industry leading feature for mutual fund advisors.

Web Based Back Office System

Our web based back office system allows advisor access from anywhere. The multiplatform compatibility allows provides a convenient tool for the mobile advisor.

Portfolio Modeling

This software tool allows advisors to rebalance and apply new portfolio strategies before placing a trade. It ensures that the client's portfolios are administered with the appropriate KYC risk tolerances and objectives.


All Sterling advisors are provided with a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone service, free of charge. This phone service comes with a toll free telephone number and free long distance to anywhere in Canada and the US. Our VOIP service works from any internet connection, and comes with a multitude of features such as Call Conferencing, Call Display, Call Forwarding and Call Recording.

Smart Serve

The system guides users through a series of questions and allows the user to submit their work and automatically produce the required paperwork, all at one time. This greatly simplifies the process of opening new accounts or creating trades.

Sterling Asset Allocation Monitoring

Simplify daily monitoring of all your client accounts onto a single list by setting up advanced portfolio alarms (track fund specific moves by % or $). You will be notified via email when a client's portfolio needs to be rebalanced or when a fund price crosses a configurable threshold.