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I have entered my email and password but it says I already have a session live.

This can sometimes occur after a password reset or if you had recently left the website without choosing to log out. To correct this, simply select the LOGOUT button provided on the screen at the time of the alert. This will log you out properly, allowing you to re-enter the information and successfully obtain access.

I have forgotten my password, but when I complete the reset I do not see anything in my email inbox.

This may be because your email provider is viewing the email as junk mail or “spam”. This may cause a delay in receiving the password reset message and usually results in the message being placed in your Junk Mail folder. Please give the reset password email up to 10 minutes to arrive before requesting a new password reset. Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder.

I share my email address with another user. Why can only one of us obtain access?

You are able to share a single email for multiple user accounts. However you must make sure that your passwords are unique, otherwise it will lock one of the users out. You can reset the password on either account, thus allowing for both users to obtain access. This can be done via the Forgot Password button.

I am typing my password in but it keeps saying it is invalid. What should I do?

This can be a case of the password or username being typed incorrectly in one of the fields (for example the Caps Lock on your keyboard is enabled). It may also be that you have mistaken the password for one used on another online account you may have. You can try typing the password into Notepad so the letters are viewable, and then copy and paste the password into the login screen of the website. If these tips do not seem to do the trick you can reset your password via the Forgot Password button.

I am trying to login with my email and I know my password is done correctly. What is stopping me from getting in?

This might be a case where you have changed email addresses but your email was not updated at Sterling Mutuals Inc. Since we use the email we have on file as your login, it is important that any change to your email address also be communicated to your representative so they can properly set this up on the system.

I have tried the tips above and nothing seems to be working. What can I do?

For this you may call tech support. Please be ready to answer a quick security question prior to completing a password reset and be aware that assistance can only be provided to the owner of the account unless permission has been given otherwise.